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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
7.7/10 by 3071 users
Title:How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
Cast: Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Cate Blanchett, Craig Ferguson, Jonah Hill, Kit Harington
Genre: Animation, Family, Adventure
Release: Jan 03, 2019
Runtime: 104 min.
Country: United States of America
Production Co.: DreamWorks Animation, Universal Pictures

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A Review by Del29

by Del29

"i got the pleasure of getting a sneak peek of this movie its pretty great i laughed out loud and really had feelings for the characters in this movie its a good choice for older kids i dont think however its a good idea for younger kids its more dark the villans more frightening then before the movie is good very good though"


A Review by betty.vogl

by betty.vogl

"The best dream-works movie yet for kids and quizlet teens !!! It has a great story, great animation and great characters here's my review: The story: 10/10 the animation: 10/10 and the characters: 10/10 the movie: 10/10!!!"


A Review by Gimly

by Gimly

"I feel **veeeeery** much that we've done this dance before now. I definitely didn't hate _The Hidden World_, the animation's pretty speccy, Toothless is eternally adorable, some of the creature design is pretty cool (especially the new bad guy's beasties) and I appreciate ending a franchise on your own terms. But to me, this is still definitely the low point of the trilogy. Not crap, for sure, but hit on a lot of things I genuinely don't care for. _Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole._"


A Review by StevenGarcia

by StevenGarcia

"The new villain added for another whole level of spice to the franchise. The development of the characters we followed since the first movie has nicely culminated in this third installment. I hope they'd continue to make a follow-up show/series."


A Review by AndrewMartinez

by AndrewMartinez

"THE DRAGONS OF BERK ARE BACK WITH A NEW MOVIE! I've been following the TV series while waiting for this one and it did not disappoint. Also, Hiccup did well on puberty."


A Review by KennethRobinson

by KennethRobinson

"I loved the upgraded armors of the riders of Berk plus, the thrill of the scenes were as dauntless as ever. Exactly what I loved about this franchise: costume design--check, risky adventures in 3D--check, adorable dragons--CHECK!"


A Review by GeorgeClark

by GeorgeClark

"The relationships of the dragons and their riders also grew and it was both heartwarming and awe-mazing to watch that development on screen. I look forward to the next movie the team that gave us The Hidden World would come up with."


A Review by KevinRodriguez1

by KevinRodriguez1

"It might not have brought the same hype as the first two movies did for me but it made up with all those cool costume upgrades. The theme of friendship and family was still there and that made it a must-watch in my book."


A Review by BrianLewis

by BrianLewis

"I still can't help but see Stitch every time I look at Toothless, Chris Sanders really did right by both characters. I'd say Toothless' dance was the highlight of this movie along with the epic fight scenes and the fire-saber sword. Overall, I'd give it two thumbs up!"


A Review by EdwardLee

by EdwardLee

"Berk is the people, not the place. This last movie closes in the franchise nice and good that it'll have you leaving the movie house with a satisfied disposition."


A Review by RonaldWalker

by RonaldWalker

"The first two movies felt like learning to ride and fly with a newfound friend while searching for the self. This third movie felt like doing a smooth landing after impressing with a spark blast and several loops. Great movie!"


A Review by TimothyHall

by TimothyHall

"Toothless being jack-clueless on impressing a girl is too relatable. However, on a more serious note, the animation upped a notch. The fire and blast effects were gorgeous and eye-catching."


A Review by JasonAllen1

by JasonAllen1

"This franchise is one of DreamWorks' best aces to boot. Although the third movie did not excite as much as the first two, it still makes for a good franchise-closure. Kudos to the entire team behind HTTYD!"


A Review by RyanHernandez

by RyanHernandez

"Until the very end of the movie, everything was beautifully created. It was truly amazing to see all the characters grow."


A Review by RyanHernandez

by RyanHernandez

"Until the very end of the movie, everything was beautifully created. It was truly amazing to see all the characters grow."


A Review by GaryWright

by GaryWright

"FIERY! Toothless’ newfound ability was awesome. It gave justice to the "Night Fury" classification."


A Review by EricHill

by EricHill

"It was wonderful to see Hiccup as the one who was helping Toothless. A friendship that was not selfish, but rather, giving."


A Review by JonathanGreen

by JonathanGreen

"That was a tough decision for the main character to do! But no matter how hard it was to let go, it was the right choice indeed. Freedom is also love."